Atack – Modern rock with classic roots

Atack is the eponymously named new project from Keith Atack, one of the UK’s most in-demand session and touring guitar players. He began his career aged 16 performing at London’s renowned Marquee club with Child, a band that went on to have a string of hit singles and albums. For the next three decades, Keith was the world tour guitarist of choice for acts such as Bonnie Tyler, Rick Astley, Jocelyn Browne, Barry Manilow and many others.

In 2022, Keith decided to return to the classic rock music he loves and called upon some of the hottest names in UK music to join him. From arena band Thunder came Chris Childs on bass and from the legendary Sweet, Lee Small joined on vocals. Bob Richards was recruited on drums after depping with AC/DC on two video singles and on Hammond organ, acclaimed session player and educator Nick Foley finalised the band’s line up.

Focussing on driving rhythms, soaring vocals and exceptional musicianship, the band quickly signed to Escape Music and began recording their debut album. Two singles, “My New Addiction” and “Ain’t Got Nine Lives” have been released so far and received extensive airplay across the UK, USA, Europe and as far as Israel and South Africa. The videos for these tracks have logged tens of thousands of views across the band’s YouTube and social media channels.

The album is scheduled for release in late 2023 and the band is hard at work in the studio finalising the tracks. To accompany the album, the band has also begun accepting festival and concert dates for the summer with many more to come. Follow Atack at Facebook or Instagram for all the news on upcoming live dates and future releases.

Keith Atack

Keith began his career at the legendary Marquee Club with the hit band “Child” before touring the world with Bonny Tyler, David Cassidy and others.

Chris Childs

Chris has been a member of Thunder since 1996 and has played with artists such as Paul Young, Andy Summers, Then Jerico and Go West.

Lee Small

Lee has worked with SHY, Lionheart. Mel Galley, Glenn Hughes and an active member of the legendary Sweet

Bob Richards

Bob has toured with Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden, MAN, Graham Bonnet, ASIA, Buck & Evans and performed with AC/DC.

Nick Foley

Nick is an in-demand tour musician, session player, educator and tireless advocate for the Hammond organ.


To date, Atack has released two singles from the band’s forthcoming debut album. Each is available to stream today from major digital distributors such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Each of the two singles has an accompanying music video that can been seen below or by visiting the band’s YouTube channel. The channel also features other material including Nick Foley’s walk-through of the vintage Hammond organ equipment used in both recordings.

Stay tuned for more tracks and behind the scenes videos as the album launch approaches.

Launch Single

“My New Addiction”

This is the debut single from Atack released in Spring 2022. The video features exclusive footage of the band in the recoding studio.


“Ain’t Got Nine Lives”

The second single from Atack is also the title track of the forthcoming album. Its accompanying video features the band performing live on a sound stage.

Live Performance


Recorded live at the Firevault Festival in Stockport in August 2023. Features guest vocalist Dan Byrne temporarily standing in for Lee Small.

Listen online:

Tour dates

Atack is currently focused on recording the band’s debut album to be titled “Ain’t Got nine Lives”. A full set of tour dates are being planned to coincide with the album’s release. UK promoters are invited to contact the management with any questions on the band’s availability in 2023.

As soon as tickets go on sale, we’ll be sharing details of these concerts and festivals below.



Atack has a range of high quality clothing available to purchase in a variety of colours.

T-shirts are priced at £20, baseball caps at £15 and pin badges at just £1.00. Postage and packaging on larger items is £4.50.

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