The long-awaited Atack debut album “Nine Lives” was released by Escape Music on 24 November 2023. The album was accompanied by limited edition physical releases in white and black vinyl and contains 11 tracks of classic British rock.

The vinyl releases were limited to 200 copies divided equally in black and white colours. Each was numbered and included hand signed postcard by the band. It is also available on all major streaming platforms.

To buy a physical copy of the album, visit or click the direct purchase links below.



Ahead of the “Nine Lives” album, Atack released two singles. They are available to stream today and each has an accompanying music videos that can been seen below or by visiting the band’s YouTube channel. The channel also features other material including Nick Foley’s walk-through of the vintage Hammond organ equipment used in both recordings.

Launch Single

“My New Addiction”

This is the debut single from Atack released in Spring 2022. The video features exclusive footage of the band in the recoding studio.


“Nine Lives”

The second single from Atack is also the title track of the forthcoming album. Its accompanying video features the band performing live on a sound stage.

Live Performance


Recorded live at the Firevault Festival in Stockport in August 2023. Features guest vocalist Dan Byrne temporarily standing in for Lee Small.

Listen online: