Atack announces debut album “Nine Lives” with limited edition white vinyl release

Modern rock with classic roots from some of the UK’s most in-demand musicians – Due on 24 November 2023

LONDON, 6 OCTOBER 2023: UK rock band Atack has announced news of its long-awaited debut album “Nine Lives”. Due for release by Escape Music on 24 November, the album will be accompanied by limited edition physical releases in white and black vinyl and contains 11 tracks of classic British rock.

Atack’s founder member and lead guitarist is Keith Atack, one of the UK’s most in-demand session and touring guitar players. With a long pedigree in the rock music scene, his career began aged 16 performing at London’s renowned Marquee club before going on to become the tour guitarist of choice for acts such as Bonnie Tyler, Rick Astley, Jocelyn Browne and many others. His style is inspired by an early love for the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore, mixed with the broad influences of funk, blues and jazz that international session work requires.

He is joined by four band members that also have strong roots in the rock scene. Drummer Bob Richards has played on video with AC/DC and toured with members of Iron Maiden, Survivor and Asia. Bassist Chris Childs has been a member of UK arena band Thunder since 1996 and has worked with Lonerider, Tyketto and many others. Vocalist Lee Small has recorded with SHY, Lionheart and is an active member of the legendary Sweet. Completing the quintet on Hammond organ is Nick Foley, an acclaimed session player and educator. The Hammond, together with the style and experience of these players, give “Nine Lives” the feel of Deep Purple and Rainbow with a true classic British rock sound.

The vinyl releases will be limited to 200 copies divided equally in black and white colours. Each will be numbered and include hand signed postcard by the band.

Vinyl track list

Side A:

  1. Dead Man’s Boots (5:25)
  2. Nine Lives (4:36)
  3. The Seven Seas (5:27)
  4. Remember or Forget Me (5:11)
  5. Like a Twister Blowin’ Through (4:26)

Side B:

  1. My New Addiction (4:22)
  2. Stone Cold (3:26)
  3. Poison Water (4:31)
  4. This House (4:42)
  5. The End of the World (4:30)

CD track list

  1. Dead Man’s Boots (5:25)
  2. Nine Lives (4:36)
  3. The Seven Seas (5:27)
  4. Remember or Forget Me (5:11)
  5. Like a Twister Blowin’ Through (4:26)
  6. My New Addiction (4:22)
  7. Stone Cold (3:26)
  8. Poison Water (4:31)
  9. This House (4:42)
  10. The End of the World (4:30)
  11. Lie to Me (Bonus track 4:36)

Release information

  • Atack – Nine Lives
  • Release Date: 24th November 2023
  • LP Catalogue No: ESMV1015
  • Bar Code: 5 031281 010155
  • CD Catalogue No: ESM382
  • Bar Code: 5 031281 003829

Atack is

  • Lee Small: Lead vocals (Phenomena/Lionheart/Sweet)
  • Keith Atack: Guitars (Bonnie Tyler/David Cassidy)
  • Chris Childs: Bass (Thunder/Lonerider)
  • Bob Richards: Drums (Asia/Overland/AC/DC/Shy)
  • Nick Foley: Hammond Organ
Live review: “A great set of classic rock”
Album review: “Wont gather dust in any collection – 10/10”