Live review: “The sheer class is mind-blowing”

From Devil’s Gate Music:

“From a young band near the beginning of their journey to one at the other end with a genuine “supergroup” ridiculously early in the day. Formed by legendary session musician Keith Atack (check out his resumé, it is insane!), Atack features members of Thunder, AC/DC, and Sweet – along with Nick Foley on keys, although today we are blessed with “voice of the moment” Dan Byrne stepping in for Lee Small who is away with his usual gig.

It is a set of sheer class. Atack is the kind of guitarist who languidly and effortlessly let’s rip on solos that others can only envy, whilst the tightness of the assembled musicians is exemplary. Songs such as “Stone Cold” and “Dead Man’s Boots” allow Byrne to release his vocal cords to fly free and everyone who watches is a little awe-struck. Add in a bass solo from Thunder’s Chris Childs and layer upon layer of syrupy Hammond Organ from Foley and the sheer class is mind-blowing. How many festivals can put a band on like this before lunch? Utterly superb.”

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