Rock Radio UK Interview

From Cyderbaby & Rock Radio UK:

“We at Cyderbaby had not heard of Atack before, but this band has quite a Pedigree! Keith Atack has been a prolific touring guitarist in the past, playing with the likes of Bonnie Tyler and Barry Manilow. He has now put together a band of world class musicians and is turning out some real high-end Rockin’ tunes.

Dan Byrne helped out at Firevolt on vocal duties but this was only temporary, the band themselves were possibly the find of the weekend for myself and I am waiting patiently for an album. Listen to what Keith has to say and check out his music!:

Watch the full interview at YouTube.

Live review: “Wonderful stuff … my pre-order is going in right now.”
Live review: “The sheer class is mind-blowing”